Monday, June 30, 2008

Two down and ? to go

We were so freaked out when we first moved to Huntington Ridge. The morning after our first full day here, I woke up thinking, “One down, 729 to go.”

I had gone into this endeavor with the mindset that it was a two-year hitch, same as if I had been drafted into the Army. At the end of the first week, I thought, “One down, 103 to go.” That made the end feel closer. Now we have completed two months in HR, but I’ve stopped calculating how much time we have left. Only God knows that anyway.

Though it isn’t productive to look at life on a mission field as if it were a jail sentence, I think it does make sense to reflect and evaluate as we go.

What am I doing that justifies calling myself a missionary?

When people look at me, do they know I’m here to represent Jesus Christ?

Do my actions and words reflect my Christian faith in a positive way?

Am I neglecting my family?

Whenever I catch myself wondering if I am accomplishing anything for God, He reminds me to rephrase the question: Am I asking God what He wants to accomplish through me? Am I listening carefully, prayerfully for His reply?

This Fourth of July, we plan to treat our neighbors at Huntington Ridge to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the picnic area, which we will decorate in a patriotic theme. We want to convey the pride and gratitude we feel about living in the United States of America, and we want everyone here to know that they are entitled to feel the same way, whatever some of my countrymen might think about the immigrants among them.

My prayer for the holiday and the event is an old one:

America! America!

God shed His grace on thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood

From sea to shining sea!

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Julie said...

Tim and Cathy,

As you are reflecting on the past two months in your new mission field, just know I cannot tell you how much I admire you. Everyone from our Holly Springs team continues to talk about you. The genuine love you showed to us and that we saw in your lives as you serve the people around you made such an impact on our team and on me personally. Jesus just radiates from your faces. God is doing such a great work through you...and this is only the beginning! I've been keeping up with your blog, and I am praying that He will continue to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ever ask of think (Eph 3:20). I hope that you and your family have a very happy 4th of July. Just let me know when you have projects that you need an extra hand with. I'm going to be on a plane this weekend, so I've saved your book for the trip. I'm so excited about reading it!

May His richest blessings be yours,
Julie Summey