Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last English class ...

After much turmoil in my heart, I finally decided it was time to call a halt to my English class. I'm in the midst of working on a book, the classroom is very hot, and the kids are out of school until August 8. Still, the students who have stayed with the class looked so sad about my announcement of "la ultima dia" that Tim is considering continuing in my place. I hope he does! Today, we reviewed everything we've learned. They did such a great job introducing themselves, talking about their families, remembering their alphabet and numbers, and discussing parts of the body. I'm so proud of my students!
We put together a book about God's creation of the world -- taken from Genesis in the Bible. I had the text in both Spanish and English, but I encouraged the parents to read to their children from the English version.
While moms and dads worked hard, the babies and other children played. Please pray with me that God will bless these sweet families.

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