Monday, June 23, 2008

Beer cans and geraniums

It was one of those mornings. A six-pack morning.

We stepped out our door and there they were -- all six cans scattered on the ground. While seated on the staircase of our apartment building, someone had polished off every drop of beer and tossed the containers around. This is a common sight for us, and it never stops hurting. Why does it hurt? For one thing, children live in every apartment in our building. When adults drink, kids suffer. Marriages suffer. Families suffer. There can be so many problems. Loss of money. Violence. Abuse. Chaos.
Also, it just trashes up the place. The owners have provided waste containers, and the maintenance men pick up litter on a regular basis. It doesn't matter. People still toss their trash on the ground. When you've lost respect for yourself, you're not likely to respect God's world. Please pray with us that people will come to a deep relationship with Christ -- and learn to care for themselves, their families and the earth.
I bought a cheap plastic geranium plant and set it by our front door. I expect it to disappear within a few days. But at least for now, those red flowers make me feel a little more cheerful!

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