Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday joys and victories

This Sunday was one of those rich days when you feel the glow of God's smiling face. We loved the worship service at Cellebration Fellowship -- otherwise known as "the refugee church."Worshipers from Burma, Burundi, Congo, and the Karen people group sang hymns in their native tongues. What a joy to hear "Count Your Blessings" sung in Karen by people who have countless reasons to consider themselves among the most unblessed in the world. Yet through Jesus, they rejoice! Our African friend sang in Kirundi. He often cries when he sings, because his heart is so full of passion for Christ. And when you see a smile like this, can you doubt the joy God brings to his life?By the way, this young man fled for his life from a genocidal regime in Burundi, spent many years in a refugee camp, and has done hard labor in a chicken factory in the United States. Only a close relationship with the Father could bring such happiness to a man who has experienced this depth of suffering.

We're grateful to pastor Dave Lambert for his leadership at Cellebration Fellowship, a church that meets on Sundays at 10:oo am (or refugee time, which can be much later) at the Atlanta School for the Deaf on Indian Creek. If you're in the area, come join us!
World Relief, the agency that brings many refugees to Atlanta, was at church filming a documentary on the life of this young Burmese girl who stands outside with her family. What a beauty she is!
The Atlanta director of World Relief talked with Tim after the service. This agency does so much good, yet their existence is always precarious. Please support them. They serve refugees in the name of the Lord, and not all agencies are dedicated to Jesus. Christ commanded us to welcome the stranger, saying: "If you do it unto the least of these . . . you do it to Me."
Lunch brought a great victory to one member of our family. At Cracker Barrel, Andrei continued his dedicated effort to conquer the Peg Game. On Sunday, he achieved his goal -- only one peg left on the board! Congratulations, Andrei!
After lunch, we went for a walk. Children came running our way, excited to tell us that their mama cat had given birth to five kittens! They were eager to show us these newborns. Beautiful image of maternal love from Mrs. Gato!There's nothing like a pet to soften hearts and brighten lives. We're so grateful that the management gave us special permission to have our own ambassador of joy. Everyone loves Tessie!

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