Saturday, June 14, 2008

Holly Springs Eternal!

One moment a van full of young people eager to share the Gospel pulls into Huntington Ridge. The next moment – or so it seems, though it’s actually three days later – a van full of young people feeling tired but content pulls out of Huntington Ridge and heads back to South Carolina. And so a mission trip passes in the blink of an eye.Saturday morning the full South Carolina team – it had been divided to work at two different apartment complexes – came to Huntington Ridge for a trash pickup blitz. Approximately 20 large bags of "basura" were collected and disposed of in the dumpster/compactor. The young people’s efforts were observed by numerous HR residents walking to and from the nearby grocery store.Team members pulled on disposable gloves before tackling the trash.The team from Holly Springs Baptist Church helped the children of Huntington Ridge each plant a lima bean in the hope that each bean will grow into a plant. More important, team members planted seeds of the Gospel in the children's hearts.By toward the end of the final session Saturday, everyone was ready for some old-fashioned fun. On a hot June afternoon, what could be better than a water balloon fight?
Prior to the team's departure, leaders paused to reflect on their three days in Georgia. We know God will bless them for their service.
Thank you, Holly Springs Baptist Church. Come back anytime!

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