Monday, June 9, 2008

A Disturbance in the Force . . .

Big changes were afoot in our house today. Tim started his new job. He's an attendant at the tennis complex behind our apartment complex. He'll be working thirty hours a week, enough to leave time for ministry here among our neighbors. That doesn't mean this job will stop him from living his life as a testimony to Christ's power. It will just be a different venue. We're thankful that this position opened for him. As volunteers with Mission Service Corps, we're known as "tentmakers." Like the Apostle Paul, we earn our own living as we minister in the name of God.That means I went back to work, too! I'm writing books again -- though now I don't have total silence or a lake view. I've got Mariachi music pounding through the windows and people knocking on my door. Please pray for me as I focus on the words I need to share through my books.
And what's this? Cathy cooked supper? Can it be?!?! My friends and family know that the kitchen is my least favorite place in our house. But since Tim was at work this evening, I tried a Mexican dish called "carne asada." Fried beef. I added some posole (hominy with lime and salt) as well as cilantro and other picante ingredients. It doesn't look like much, I admit. But Tim and Andrei pronounced it . . . delicioso!

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