Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Hot Day for English!

On a sweltering June day, women gathered for English class. School's out, so they brought lots of children! We practiced greetings, the alphabet song, counting, naming body parts, and other basic English. Despite the heat, we were all belting out the song, "Head and shoulders, knees and toes." It's fun to see the moms laugh along with their kids.
Tim entertains the kids while Cathy teaches. These precious little ones charm us every time we're blessed to spend time with them.

With cookies and juice for everyone, things can get awfully sticky! Thank goodness for big sisters.
This woman (below) only got to attend high school in the United States for part of one year. She learned as much English as she could. Now she's eager to earn her GED so she can go to beauty school. She takes her Wednesday morning lessons very seriously.
This mom keeps us all laughing. She has a great sense of humor and makes the classes so much fun.
This sweet woman comes to class with her sister-in-law. They encourage each other.
Shyness is a big obstacle, and this mother is reluctant to say English words out loud. All the same, she's often the first one to arrive at class, so she definitely wants to learn.
A favorite friend, she takes her work seriously. She doesn't smile a lot, but her earnest effort is rewarded. She has learned the most English in our four weeks of class.
After class, it's time to cuddle tired babies, talk to the children, and continue developing relationships with their mothers.
Un plato delicioso! Homemade tortillas, pasta soup, egg and potato salad, and lots of different spicy dishes. Muy picante!

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