Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Celebrate Tuesday!

Each day brings troubles of its own, but many a day brings joys as well. This certainly has been the case for the past two days. Today we opened our mailbox to find WINTER TURNS TO SPRING, Cathy’s 52nd published novel. We celebrated the book at a Colombian restaurant. WINTER is the fourth in the four-book series Cathy co-authored with Gary Chapman. It will be in stores in July. As always, we are eager to see what God has planned for this book.We also were celebrating my new job at the tennis center, which I started Monday. That day also saw the publication of my first “vent.” The Vent is a daily feature of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that consists of comments sent in by readers. Mine addressed the most popular topic for Atlanta residents: traffic.

It read as follows:

“Just an old sweet song – and another and another and another on the oldies station as my car creeps forward at a stoplight – keeps Georgia on my mind.”

I explained the concept of the vent to Andrei, and he came up with: “I don’t like the taste of the water in Atlanta. Too much chlorine. It tastes like swimming pool water.”

This afternoon, Andrei and I went to the tennis court in Old Norcross, which last week was the site of the largest group tennis lesson I have ever conducted. There were 60-plus children sharing about 15 racquets. I gave them an intro to what they could expect this week from a USTA team that is coming every day. The team leader turned out to be a fellow I had been emailing from Missouri about tennis opportunities.

And one team member, Natalya, was a young woman from Colombia, where I taught tennis right after college. The youngsters were learning Quickstart tennis, a new USTA approach that employs scaled-down racquets, nets and courts, along with nerflike, softball-sized balls. I’m hoping to acquire some of the equipment for use here at Huntington Ridge.

Also today, Andrei got fitted for new glasses. He will have them in about a week.

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