Sunday, June 8, 2008

Trip around the world . . . on a Sunday!

A Sunday morning trip around the world. Who could resist? Even though we were tired from the pool party yesterday, we welcomed the opportunity to share the needs of refugees and immigrants with members of Life Center Ministries in Atlanta. Sabrina Caraway, director of the Children's Equipping Center and FORCE Youth Ministry, invited us. Thanks, Sabrina!After Sabrina introduced me, I enjoyed inviting people to come to Africa or Latin America without a passport! Just get in touch with us, and we'll take you to the heart of a Mexican village or inside the home of a Burundian family. We had baskets of Mexican coated peanuts and meatless fried pork skins for people to sample. Chicharrones, anyone?

We really got a kick out of the great displays the youth had created. The kids who chose to study Kenya touched my heart. The tire sandals made me want to go home to those red-dirt African roads.
This woman (below) is from Russia. She helped mentor the young people who were studying her former homeland.
The Israel display had a real shofar! Fascinating.We were deeply moved by the work that went into the Atlanta display. If you want to see some astonishing facts about our city, visit our photo gallery at and click on "International Day."This handsome young navy man will be heading overseas soon -- possibly to the Middle East. He's a medic. Tim and I are so grateful for our servicemen and women, and we remember them in our prayers.
How about a visit to India?
My favorite part of the day was meeting this lovely Kenyan woman. She lives in Clarkston. With a degree in public health administration, she's very interested in teaching nutrition and other health information to refugees. Of course she speaks fluent Swahili and understands the culture of our African friends. Terry Earl and I have been praying for just such a person to join us in ministry. Bwana asifiwe! Praise God!
My trip to Africa continued when this group of wonderful people arrived. The man is originally from Liberia. Both women came to the US from Zambia. The beauty who is shaking my hand had a Kenyan mother, and she speaks Swahili! They expressed an interest in meeting the refugees, too. More blessings!
Lots of people visited our table, spoke with us, and took information. Many gave us their email addresses so we can stay in touch with them about God's work at Huntington Ridge and in Clarkston. We left the church feeling really happy . . . and then we went home, put our feet up, and rested!

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