Monday, December 29, 2008

These precious moments . . . hold them very dear

No matter how old our sons get, they are always our baby boys. Even when they're 6' 4" tall!

All his life, Geoffrey has loved sitting on my lap for a mommy-snuggle. Nowadays when he plops down, my legs fall asleep pretty fast. But I wouldn't trade these precious moments for anything.Christmas is a special time in our home, as it is in so many. We enjoy the fun of gift-giving even as we express our reverence for God's gift to us of salvation.

Christmas morning begins with opening presents. This year, Tim played Santa and handed out the gifts.Tessie took up her usual spot -- guarding the tree from any who might try to gain access. She's a Border Collie, so she positions herself where she can corral the flock. Or Christmas presents, as the case may be!Andrei was thrilled with the stuffed penguin and the DVD of "March of the Penguins," gifts from his two birth sisters in Nashville.Geoffrey snacked on his annual Christmas stocking stuffer -- beef jerky.Tim was happy to get a new pair of jeans. His old ones were shot.Later, Tim made a huge breakfast, another Palmer Christmas tradition. Yum.The following Saturday we braved the crowds and went to the High Museum to see the terracotta warriors from China and the "masterpieces" display from the Louvre. My three boys joined this somber guard outside the museum.
The time finally came for us to say goodbye to Geoffrey. He's heading back to Missouri State University for his last semester. God willing, he'll graduate next spring with a BA in film .We love our sons so much and we're grateful God gave us this precious time to be together. We're going to do as the song says, and we hope you'll do the same --"Keep Christmas with you . . . all through the year."

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Anonymous said...

I know you hated to see Geoffrey go, but what memories! Thanks for sharing him with us, if only for a few hours! Blessings to the Palmers! --Tim