Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Afterschool snacks in the village

I decided to stay home today. God had other plans!

One of my refugee friends called to say she was having trouble with her paperwork. Would I please come and help her? I rounded up Kelly and off we went. At the home, Kelly kept baby Alice busy while her mother and I worked. I love my Burundian friend, a married mother of three. Her face always radiates her passion for Jesus. Today, after the paperwork was done, she brought out two Bibles. She asked me to read passages in Revelation and Jeremiah in English while she followed in her Kirundi Bible. Then she sang a beautiful hymn in her high, sweet voice. Her hymnbook came with her from the refugee camp in Tanzania. It has been well loved.Afterward, we paid a visit to the family whose 4 children were taken because of the mother's drinking. They are going to court this Friday. Please pray for that situation.

Next we dropped in on our friends who arrived in America only a two months ago. This woman is the ideal mother. She is warm, gentle, kind, and loving in all she does. As usual, her home was filled to the brim with bouncy children -- all just in from a long school day. She has given birth to eight and adopted one. But her house is kid-central. It was hard to distinguish her children from the others!In the kitchen, I discovered a real African village scene. All the children had gathered around a plate of rice, peas, and meat -- on the floor! A few kids had spoons, but others just grabbed.Everyone was having a great time! It wasn't long before they had eaten every morsel.Then it was time to clean up. One boy got the broom and set to work sweeping while little sister observed.The house was freezing, and I learned the heater was broken. After saying goodbye to the family, Kelly and I stopped at the office. The manager said the heating element in their furnace had died. She promised to send over some space heaters until the missing part arrived. She knows what it's like to be a refugee, she told us. She came 12 years ago as a refugee from Bosnia!

My families all need coats, socks, shoes, sweaters, stocking caps, and mittens. If God leads you to provide a warm Christmas for one of my families, please let me know. Remember you're always welcome in the village. We might even put a snack on the floor just for you!

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Karen Ables said...

Hi, I have been on the internet trying to find a resource for a Kirundi Bible for my refugee friends in Portland Oregon. I saw the info about your blog and thought that I would email you. I have been trying for months to get a Bible for my friend. I laughed when reading your account of their life, it looks so much like the family that I have befriended. I want to share God's word with them, but need a Kirundi Bible. Do you know where I can get one? The bible society sent my money back and said they could not help me.
Thanks for all your help,
Karen Ables
Portland, Oregon