Monday, December 8, 2008

Sew happy!

Our sewing class has great news. An area church is partnering with us to promote and sell our handiwork! They will also be teaching economics as well as offering micro-loans so the ladies can buy their own machines and supplies. Wow! We had a lot of fun today. Almost everyone completed the current projects: a doll blanket, a fabric tote bag, and a quilt.
I brought tea, milk, and sugar so we could take refreshment now and then.Our class garners a LOT of interest. Passers-by love to peek in to see what we're doing. We already have a new group of ladies eager to take the beginner class in January. Today, several men popped in. We learned that in Nepal, the MEN had sewing jobs -- making saris and other clothing on foot-pedal machines.We're getting low on fabric but I found a store that sells it for $1 a yard. We're also using recycled cotton clothing for our projects.

I get to work with the loveliest ladies! What joy I feel every Monday morning when it's time for sewing class. Thank you for praying for these precious women.

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