Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Christmas tea with Sudanese friends

Our friends from Darfur in Sudan had told us they'd like to visit our home. I visit them once a week or more, and I was very eager to invite them to tea in our little apartment.

We served Kenyan tea and a cake Tim had baked. Though they love tea with lots of spices, they enjoyed our plain version, too.

Tim brought out photo albums, and the adults all looked at the pictures with great interest. I've learned that refugees are always fascinated with photographs of our lives. I plan to incorporate my scrapbooks into my ESL teaching in the new year.

This handsome couple has been married for eight years, but they have only spent a few months of that time together. In Sudan, he was jailed twice for refusing to fight against his southern Sudanese countrymen even though most of them are Christians and he is a devout Muslim.

I always enjoy hearing him explain the political and religious situation in Darfur. They both have family members still living in Sudan. Please pray for the safety of those who remain in this wartorn nation.

We were glad we had a chance to explain that the secular traditions of Christmas -- trees and Santas -- have nothing to do with our true celebration of this blessed season when God humbled Himself and came to earth, offering the only acceptable sacrifice for our sin.

As we say in Swahili -- "Heri ya siku kuu!" Merry Christmas!

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