Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Faces of the day . . .

Some days, the faces of my people move me beyond words. I am captured, delighted, bemused, and amused by these beautiful children of God. (photo removed by request)

My Somali friend asked me to take her to the farmer's market today. She was out of food, she said. Not surprising in a home with a husband, wife, seven children, and usually a few guests. Kelly agreed to stay with the four preschool children while we shopped. (photo removed by request)

Here's baby boy . . .
(photo removed by request)

Big brother . . .
(photo removed by request)

Bigger brother . . .
(photo removed by request)

Biggest brother . . .
(photo removed by request)

Thanks to Atlanta Vineyard Church in Norcross, we brought clothing for each member of this big family. We also gave the boys this bead toy. It was a hit!
(photo removed by request)

This young man -- just in from the refugee camp in Kenya -- helps my friend watch her children. He has special needs, and I'm hoping that here in America he can make good progress toward a fulfilling future.
We stopped at our next home to find the mom away at her English class. We visited with her husband for a while, and then she returned to the house. How do you like the way she carries her book bag?
We also gave clothing to this family of 10. Mom desperately needed a warm coat, and we were so grateful to be able to provide one for her.

At this house, we had clothes for mom, dad, and four children. Dad was especially pleased with his new leather jacket. He looked very handsome -- and he knew it! Our families are all struggling to survive. They don't have enough money for rent and other basic needs. The fear and stress is palpable. Please pray for refugees . . . they have survived genocide but they still face fear and worry each day.


Miss Hope said...

How could we go about contacting you for clothing donations? I looked at your profile and didn't see an email address. Thanks!

Military Family in Southeast Georgia!

Dina said...

My!!! A lot has been happening since I last read your blog!!!! May the nearness of God, continue to be your good. Speaking of contact info....where to I send my Christmas family picture to???

You continue on our prayers!

Tim and Catherine Palmer said...

Hi Dina! Thanks for reading our blog. We are not able to send you a private email because we don't have your address. I hope you get this. Please send your family photo to Tim and Cathy Palmer 5162 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Apt. L Stone Mountain, GA 30083. We appreciate your prayers and support! Merry Christmas!