Monday, August 4, 2008

Sing praise!

For every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

The Bible tells us this is what heaven will be like! People of every race, culture and language will worship God, singing praises to His name.

That happens here in Atlanta on Sunday mornings. You can worship the Lord in songs of praise whether you're a young refugee from Burundi...
a group of Karen teenagers and children . . .
or a Christian man from Burma . . .If you don't want to sing a solo, you can join the celebration, too. You might be a Karen woman with her newborn baby . . . or a strong family man from Sudan . . .
or even a baby peeking over the chair . . .
This past Sunday brought joy and tears as we said goodbye and thank you to three young couples who lived and worked in "the village" of Clarkston. As "Mission Year" volunteers, they brought so much to the community and to our church. We'll miss them all.
To their friends and neighbors, Troy and Katrina, Brian and Annie, and Zeny and Nate were Jesus walking down the street.
Brian and Annie are staying on as employees of World Relief, and we're all so grateful. We'll definitely miss the two other couples.

Tutaonana. Mungu akubariki!
We shall meet again. May God bless you!

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