Thursday, August 21, 2008

Andrei's new life!

Andrei has moved into his "supported independent living" apartment. This lovely complex is in Decatur, a town that was surrounded long ago by the Atlanta megalopolis.
These brick apartments are an 80/20 community. This means that the owners decided they wanted 80% of their residents to be senior citizens. So it's very quiet and serene there. Just what Andrei needs after 3 months of SWAT teams, gunfire, and break-ins where we have been living.
Andrei shares the apartment with another client of Georgia Community Supports and Solutions. Each man has his own bedroom and bath. They share the livingroom, dining room, and kitchen.
It's a very nice place, and we are thanking God for this great blessing for Andrei.
Today, Andrei reported that he and his apartment-mate worked out how to manage the kitchen -- storage, utensils, cooking duties, and food purchases. We're proud of them for taking care of this on their own.
Please keep Andrei in your prayers. Soon he'll be starting a job search, and learning how to ride on the MARTA transit system. We sure love that young man!

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Dina said...

Looks like such a nice quiet place. We will be praying for this new season of life!