Thursday, August 7, 2008

She's a lefty . . . or maybe not!

I visited the "Mommy and Me" program today at Clarkston International Bible Church. One of my favorite women, a beautiful mother from Burundi, brings her four children (all under the age of 4) to class. She is eager to learn and works very hard at her lessons.I enjoyed watching her draw a picture of the house she lived in as a refugee in Tanzania. As a lefty myself, I noticed she was drawing with her left hand.And then I noticed something else . . .If you haven't had formal school in your life and aren't even sure how to spell your name, I suppose it doesn't matter much to you which hand you use to draw with.

Her ESL teacher explained that the mothers in the class were using whichever hand was available while the other was busy holding a nursing baby. Now that makes sense! Other moms in the room were doing the same thing. The "Mommy and Me" program is a blessing for the mothers of preschoolers who wouldn't otherwise be able to study English. Their children are also learning -- in the capable hands of my friend Terry.It's a whirling and dancing and singing good time for everyone!

Even the shyest boy gets in on the action.
I dropped by several homes to leave a calendar for the ESL and life skills classes I'll be starting next week. I guess caring for your six little brothers and sisters while mom and dad are asleep makes for a real hair-raising experience! (photo removed by request)

Little sister's hair was nearly as exciting. (photo removed by request)

In another house, I'll be working with this family who has just arrived from Tanzania. She is the mother of three. Baby was sleeping when I stopped in. Her cousin came to America and will join my class, too.I had fun greeting everyone and getting set for next week. Please pray for me and also for the families whose homes I will visit. Many do not know Christ as savior. Jesus said, "I was a stranger and you welcomed me." I am happy to welcome these families in His name.


Miss Hope said...

I am just humbled after reading your blog (I confess to going back and reading). I am in Southeast husband is in the military. My family is a Christian family and we will be praying for you each day now. I will be putting a link to your blog from mine (if that's okay) so that others will come and the work you are doing for God....right here in America. Thank you so much and God Bless You.

squiresj said...

I found these pictures quite delightful. As one who has taught children for 40 plus years, I love what is happening here. God Bless.