Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to school fun!

The after-school tutoring program has been a cornerstone of ministry at Huntington Ridge apartments for years. To let students and parents know that it will start again on August 19, we had a kickoff event Tuesday, August 12. Each youngster received a pencil case holding two pencils, a plastic cross on a string and an information sheet on the tutoring program.We originally had purchased the crosses for Vacation Bible School (half-price sale at Hobby Lobby), and we had enough for nearly all of the 70-plus pencil cases we distributed.
Our neighbor, Gael, entertained young Wesley Edwards, the son of former Huntington Ridge missionary Sherry Edwards. Sherry continues to volunteer in the after-school program.
Students getting off the school bus Tuesday afternoon were directed to the parking lot of the office, where we had set up tables. Children helped themselves to a cool Capri Sun as an after-school snack. Of course we had cookies, too.
Sherry and Wesley greeted a swarm of youngsters Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Huntington Ridge apartments office. The complex has many stay-at-home mothers who see their children off on the bus in the morning and greet them when they return.
Two young tutoring volunteers from Perimeter Church, Marina and Alec, dropped by Tuesday. The church is a key partner in Whirlwind Missions’ ongoing ministry at Huntington Ridge.

What fun to see the expressions on the children's faces. Looks like this year is going to be great.

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