Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Geoffrey, Coke, and Fire of Brazil

We played tourists today! We celebrated Geoffrey's 23rd birthday, Andrei's new independent life, and our 31st anniversary. We began the day by riding the MARTA to downtown Atlanta. Have you ever seen an escalator this long? Of course we got lost immediately. It's a Palmer family tradition. Thank goodness for Atlanta's downtown guides. This friendly man helped us find our way.We arrived at World of Coca-Cola and had a great tour of the bottling factory and the museum. These big Coke bottles were decorated by people from countries all over the world.Andrei really liked this old car.Lots of memories and loads of fun!
We headed back to the MARTA and rode up north to an amazing restaurant called Fire of Brazil. Countless spits loaded with varieties of beef, lamb, pork, and poultry come right to your table. And the salad bar is wonderful, too!
The restaurant treated Geoffrey to a peach coconut extravaganza.
I'd say the Palmer family did this day up right. We loved spending time together and creating many wonderful memories.

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