Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Andrei is waiting for a waiver . . .

On moving to Georgia, our son entered the nightmare known as state government red tape. Though we had all his paperwork in order and had applied for his special services "waiver" many months earlier, Andrei has fallen through cracks the size of the Grand Canyon.

Do I sound upset? I am.

But we are grateful for the people at Georgia Community Support and Solutions who generously awarded Andrei a grant that covers his attendance at a day program. While he waits for Georgia's right hand to figure out what its left hand is doing, Andrei is crafting cars. Take a look at our autistic son's amazing art.

Here's a Mercedes Benz, circa 1976

This is a Rolls Royce from 1932.

How about this El Camino from 1976? Awesome!
This is a Delorean from 1982.
Groovy doors!
A Lincoln station wagon from 1971.

A Ford LTD police car, circa 1988, with working lights!

Great job, Andrei! We're proud of you.


Tami said...

His cars are awesome. I'm glad he has something to keep him busy. I'm trying to catch up on all my blog reading. We've had company the whole month of July. I hope things will be back to normal (whatever that is) now. By the way, I am reading your book Thread of Deceit. It is awesome. Have you written the next one in this series? Can't wait to read it. I pray for you guys and think of you often.

Anonymous said...

Andrei sure is gifted! A real artist! :-) Tim

Angela said...

Andrei...I miss you. It sounds like other than the waiver thing, you are doing great. Your cars are awesome. Congrats on the part-time job...I am so proud of you.

Angela...Your old Service Coordinator for Camdenton.