Monday, October 5, 2009

Whatcha doin'?

We're making lots of cool stuff, that's what! Have you counted the days to Christmas? Do you want awesome gifts that keep on giving? Why not shop with The Refugee Sewing Society!
We're sewing really cute doll clothes. We have clothes that fit the American Girl size doll and also the Cabbage Patch doll.
We're sewing two kinds of nifty bags. We have our standard market bag -- our biggest hit at only $10 each. Take a look at these pretty fabrics! Buddha is modeling our amazing red market bag. It was a huge success at our last market. We only have 17 of these lovelies left.
Hinde is hard at work every time we open our doors.
Big news -- we have a new kind of bag! We call it the refugee bag. It's so amazing that people keep buying them almost as fast as we make them. Tim graciously agreed to model the bag. It goes over your shoulder and across your chest. The zipper is on the inside. Becca, who's very happy with the new market bag that Zahra made, brought us the original refugee bag.
The bag originated in Zambia. We're excited to watch the response to our newest product. Thanks Becca!
How about this pretty fabric? We have several refugee bags still available in this pattern.
But this is one of a kind!
We're stitching, ironing, and folding these bags just for our customers.
And as Zahra can tell you, we do measure carefully!
Our beginner class is trying out for a job sewing sandal straps for a really wonderful company that benefits schoolgirls in Uganda.
Our beginner class has many older Somali women. They can relate to the Ugandan girls. If you never went to school in your whole life -- like most of these Somali women -- measuring and sewing straight lines is a challenge. We're up to it!
The yarn class is making our best-selling dishcloths. If you've ever used one, you'll know why we sold out at our last market! And they're only $3 each. Will wonders never cease?
Shirley keeps the yarn ladies moving along. But we are in crisis right now. We have no yarn! And we also need very small crochet hooks. Can you help?
Shirley keeps digging, but this basket doesn't contain the five loaves and two fishes. Nope, there's just nothing left. That's the last of our yarn on the table, so we really need your help.
The doll blankets we made have gone over big. And Montaha will tell you how much fun she's having every time she gets paid. Today she let out a shriek and got positively hysterical with happiness! Hanaa is faithful to our program, gradually bringing her friends to join us one by one.
Our bead group is busy, too. They are making gorgeous Christmas tree ornaments. I'll save them for another blog. Stay with me!

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