Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday fun

I had thought birthdays weren't much fun anymore. Wrong! This one turned out to be very special indeed. Friends and family showered me with special cards and gifts, making me feel so loved. The women all enjoyed the gorgeous bouquet Tim brought to our sewing room.

As always, Andrei baked a yummy and creative cake. This one is a book -- honoring my role as an author -- with a chocolate chip cookie "cover" and a "spine" made of iced Reese's peanut butter cups.
Khaga and his wife, Jasoda, were tailors in their refugee camp in Nepal. They specialized in sari blouses and petticoats. I let them borrow a sewing machine one weekend -- not knowing that this beautiful blouse would be the result!
Jasoda had been quite distressed that I didn't have a proper blouse for my sari. She and her husband were excited to give me their gift. Before I could unload the sewing machine from my car, Jasoda hoisted it onto her shoulder and set off. I almost imagined we were hiking up the Himalayas!
Andrei has been baking a lot these days. Here's his Peterbilt semi cake. He made this for our church potluck.
Andrei's cakes are always a highlight of the gatherings.
Thank you, God, for another year with family and friends so greatly loved.

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