Friday, October 16, 2009


Volunteers give time and talent to The Refugee Sewing Society every week. They are the lifeblood of our ministry. Without them, we would fold.

Amy's bead group always amazes us. Under her guidance, they are creating beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Amy taught them how to make beaded Christmas ornaments. We sold a lot of those at our last market day!
Shirley runs our yarn group. She keeps track of crochet hooks, knitting needles, and yarn. She helps the women know what to create and how to fashion their art into salable merchandise.
Sharon runs Bunny Buns, our cloth diaper initiative. The idea to sew diapers was Sharon's, and she has spearheaded the effort to create these useful items. Our prayer is to one day see bright green baby bottoms all over Clarkston!
Brittany faithfully helps set up and run markets, manage our money coming in and going out, and has just started helping me answer emails and keep track of our calendar.
Chelly, a member of North Metro Baptist Church, helps often in our bead class.
Rina came to us from the Atlanta Sewing Guild. She has been testing the older sewing machines people donate. I want to get as many as possible up and running, because these metal machines are the most hardy and most reliable. Rina comes on Tuesdays, too, and helps with teaching, setting up teatime, and much more.Sherrill came to help out last Tuesday. Our busiest and craziest day of the week is Tuesday when we have both beginner and advanced sewing . . . and beads!
Shelley attends Emory University in their school of public health. A group of Emory students has become involved in helping the RSS sell market bags. This lovely young lady also bought several bags the last time she visited. Thanks!
Here are the Emory students cleaning and sorting out our storage room.
I'm saving our two newest volunteers for another blog. Todd and Carol have stepped into our lives in a big way, and we are so grateful. We also have some long distance volunteers. They are awesome, and I'll tell you about them later, too!Oh, yeah! I'm also a volunteer. I wouldn't trade that joy for anything.

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