Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy little chickens . . .

When I walk to our storage room, my students follow behind me in a line. They are so chirpy, small, and cute that one day I started calling them my "little chickens." When I want them to go somewhere, I sing out, "Come my little chickens!" They all laugh and hurry after me.

These past few days, my little chickens have been very busy! We attended the Refugee Policy Forum at Agnes Scott College. Refugee Family Services invited us, and we enjoyed the opportunity to meet lawmakers and others who work on behalf of refugees. Our market was a big success. Afterward, I took everyone out for ice cream.
It was very cold outside that day, so I think they wondered a little about my sanity. Tim and I always took our boys out for ice cream after any event that was noteworthy. This event certainly fell into that category!

Speaking of cold, the yarn group -- under Shirley's guidance -- has crocheted some adorable baby caps and booties. Aren't these precious?
The women are so skilled. We show them photos of what we want, and they return to us with beautiful creations like these.
Amy has directed the bead group into making some gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. We are finding earrings to be a big hit.
I am thrilled with my beginner sewing class. They are getting it! I have promoted two of them to the advanced class. The others are making very good bags now, and it won't be long before they graduate, too!
We borrow a larger classroom on Tuesdays when advanced sewing, beginner sewing, and bead group all meet at the same time. It is a VERY busy and crowded room. We love it!
The advanced class is making refugee bags. These are a big hit everywhere we go. Many have two pockets -- one for a cellphone and one for a bottle of water.Hinde is rightfully proud of her first refugee bag. She put the pocket on the side -- a great adaptation of the form.Rajaa made some extra-large refugee bags. They're great for tall people!
Don't you love this fabric?
Here's another of Rajaa's masterpieces.
Durga got a kick out of modeling her bag. She is such a sweet, kind woman. I love her.
Netra decided her bag could be carried the Bhutanese way. How do you like this? Very clever!Yesterday, I was calling my little chickens to follow me to the storage room. One of them called out, "Teacher, teacher! You are the big chicken!"

Come see our flock of lovely ladies at Clarkston Community Center. The big chicken herself would love to sell you some booties, beads, and bags!

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Melanie said...

Those are some beautiful creations! The ladies are very talented, and your chickens are SO cute! =)