Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ridin' along in my automobile

I call my car the refugeemobile. I drive a lot of miles each week with a gaggle of giggly girls on board.I never knew that shutting and opening a car door could be so confusing. Did you ever notice that we use a handle to open the door from the outside . . . then we pull on a piece of molded plastic on the inside to shut the door . . . then we pull on another handle to open the door from the inside? Neither did I! Now I'm very familiar with the many nuances of car doors.
And don't get me started on seatbelts! I spend a lot of time teaching my women -- even when we're not in class. My favorite moments occur when one of them suddenly understands, and I hear a great big "Ahhh!"

We all remarked on the amazing resemblance of Netra and her two beautiful daughters. In Nepali, there's a word that means "exactly the same." Netra and her girls are definitely "barabari!"
Pray that the refugeemobile keeps going. It's at nearly 100,000 miles, and I've still got many roads to navigate as I transport my pretty friends.

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