Friday, October 16, 2009


Amazin' Amy -- in her brand new sari, above -- is our bead teacher. She claims a lack of talent in jewelry making, but the sales at our last two markets tell a very different story.
Krishna takes beads from the boxes that Amy has sorted. It's a challenge to keep the beads in order. It also takes a lot of skill to know what appeals to American buyers and how to make those items.
The bead group works around a table, sorting and chatting. Our Bhutanese and Somali students love to make different kinds of jewelry. And wear it, too!
We usually have beginner sewing in the same room as the bead class. It's a busy place! The sewers are in the back cutting fabric, while the beaders circle a table and work hard to complete their projects.
Amy always makes us smile -- whether she's teaching, pirouetting, singing with her guitar and harmonica, or talking with her students.
Does this necklace look like something you would buy? Yes? Me, too!
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