Thursday, April 23, 2009


On Tuesday, Kelly and I went out to visit families, as we always do. We stopped at the home of a family where the husband is a leader in the Burundi community. We had information that needed to get out, and we knew he would do a great job of spreading the news.

Then we went to see Alice . . . Actually, we were in that home to help the parents understand what had happened to their Medicaid. Our refugee friends have trouble understanding that when they get jobs, some of their benefits end. They don't know they can purchase insurance through their employer. So we try to assist.

There are many forms to fill out. While mom peeled potatoes, dad held onto his files of cherished documents. I eventually gave up trying to reach caseworkers and government agencies by phone. Thank goodness Kelly took over. Eventually we got it sorted out, and they will send in the documents to make sure they continue to receive Food Stamps and other assistance. We made a detour to the apartment where the young single woman in one of our families is now living. She has done a great job fixing up her new home. Kelly and I admired the ceiling hanging she had made. We have seen these in other homes, but this was our first close look.Our friend showed us how she created the hanging. She's skilled at crochet. Take a look at the beauty in this sofa doily she made.
Please keep our friends in your prayers. They are so often confused, exhausted, and sick. I struggle to contain my frustration when I see a young mother who has worked all night at a chicken factory. Where once she was lively and focused, now she is scarecrow-thin and can barely hold her eyes open. But refugees are survivors. They have endured much more than we can ever imagine. And they plow on into their new lives in America -- enriching us even as we care for them.

Little Alice helps me put everything into perspective. Bring on the juice! Run around the room! Crawl on the missionaries! Yes, Alice, life is good!

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