Thursday, April 23, 2009

To market, to market . . .

This past weekend, The Refugee Sewing Society held two market events at Clarkston Community Center. The ladies worked hard all week to prepare and tag their products.How do you like this apron? While honing skills -- measuring, sewing straight seams, gathering fabric -- students created pretty aprons with patchwork pockets.
They take joy in arranging and preparing for market days.
We have a "Winter Clearance Special" going on. Each handknit or crocheted cap is only $5! What a great deal!
Market bags are always strong sellers. The women have adapted the original pattern to meet the demands of their consumers. Now the bags are deeper and the straps are longer -- easier to carry lots of groceries by hanging your bag on your shoulder. Only $10 -- a real bargain for a great "green" product!
Doll caps are gorgeous. This one has a rose on top. Cute!
Friday night the ladies arrived in their finery. It was great fun to see them dressed up and looking so pretty.
Several women brought their children and friends. I enjoyed meeting the extended families of my students.I love the Bhutanese wedding necklaces our women wear when they dress up. Aren't they gorgeous -- the women AND the necklaces!As you can see, market days are serious business for our refugee friends . . . but they're a lot of fun, too!

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