Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby boom!

We have a new baby! I love many things about working with refugees. One of my greatest joys is the abundance of newborns. Say hello to Yusuf!Yusuf's mother is a member of The Refugee Sewing Society. She's a beautiful Somali Muslim woman who has both a tender heart and a fierce courage. Yusuf is her seventh child. The first died shortly after birth, and she rightly counts him among her children.

Some time in the past few days, Yusuf decided to turn himself around into a breech position. Doctors were preparing for a c-section when Yusuf managed to get himself born the natural way.

His mom smiled when she said, "The doctors were going to do surgery and I was ready. But God knew more than we did. He already had a plan for this baby." Amen to that!

Here's Lachhi's daughter -- born in January. The first little American for this Bhutanese family.Last November we welcomed baby Jessica, whose mom is from Burundi.We thank God for all these healthy newborns. But today was just for Yusuf. Yusuf and his very happy mother!

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