Sunday, April 5, 2009


I am so happy!

My dear Somali friend is safe and well in Maine. Her husband called me tonight and gave the phone to each of the children -- one by one. He said that my friend has cried and cried about leaving me, just as I have cried over her. Every time she looks at pictures I gave them, she says, "Oh, Cathy! Cathy!"

My heart has felt so empty this past week. I really thought I would never hear from my friends or see them again. But bless AT&T and T Mobile, we are back in touch!

The husband in this family decided to move on March 20. They left on the 25th. They live with a relative who has been in Maine for at least a year. As with so many refugees, they are in search of a better life -- a good job, a home of their own, relatives nearby.

As we were ending our conversation, my friend's husband said, "We will never forget you, Cathy. You are our mother."

And they are my children and grandchildren.

Thank You, Lord!

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mamaseth said...

I knew she would call! Glad God is keeping the door open for you.