Sunday, April 12, 2009

. . . In with the NEW!

What a blessed -- and busy -- Easter week we had!Each day this week, I was able to keep the sewing room open. Our faithful students came and stayed . . . and stayed. One night we all left at 9:00 p.m.Tika's giggles always make me smile! She gets a kick out of everything, including her black patchwork squares. Nar is very shy. She does beautiful work. Each woman is different and special to us.
This was a week of NEW things everywhere!

A NEW look! Our volunteer, Amazing Amy, spurred a complete makeover of our sewing room. We were given a storage room inside the Community Center, and Amy put a lock on our door.
Then she transformed our very large mess into . . . neatness . . . organization . . .
beauty . . . practicality . . . and order. Thanks, Amy!
NEW babies! Did I mention our baby boom? Meet Angela Terry and her proud mom. Angela's middle name honors Terry Earl, a volunteer who has loved and cared for this family of four during their transition to American life.And here's baby Yusuf again. He was born on Monday, and his mom and dad dropped by for a visit on Friday! Rightfully proud and happy parents.
NEW house! We moved into our new house with a vision of hospitality ministry. Tim feels that God wants to use the home as a way to reach into our community with love and service. After church today, Easter Sunday, a large group of young adults who work with refugees came for a lunch of spaghetti and/or green chile stew. Italian and New Mexican food -- perfect fare for people who work in an international community.

Hey, there, pretty Annie!
Clockwise around the table, meet Annie, Zach, Mary Beth, Kelly, Andrei, Stephen, and Brian.
After lunch, Tim set up a game of tennis/pingpong/badminton on our concrete pad in the back yard.
I mustn't forget to mention Andrei's Easter cake, complete with "Peeps" -- a big hit with the crowd!
Happy Easter and many blessings for a new season of worship and praise to our risen Savior!


Anonymous said...

Tim & Cathy
You guys are such a blessing to us! I thank God that you are in your new home! We wish we could have given you more help with it! We can't wait to see it!

Blessings friends

Jude 1:2

Annie said...

Wow! The room looks great!!! I'm looking forward to another sale soon. My sister loves the grocery bags I bought for her.
And thanks for sharing the Easter fellowship photos!