Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let me look at your face . . .

A dear friend and I were chatting one day. Her teenage son strolled by and offered a "teenager-ish" comment. "When my mom wakes me up every morning," he informed me, "she puts her hands on my cheeks and says 'Let me look at your face.' I hate that! I'll be glad when I move out and she can't do it anymore."

I know exactly why Ryan's mother wanted to look at his face. She loves him.

God surprised us this Monday morning when The Refugee Sewing Society grew from a membership of 12 to 32! Here are some of their faces. Each woman has her own story of heartbreak, suffering, survival, and hope. Please look at them . . . and love them.

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Among Worlds said...

Cathy - are you going to be able to accommadate that many in that small space? How did they hear about your center, and oh so many other questions!