Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Visitor from NAMB!

Last Saturday, I had the great joy of introducing a new friend, Terry Henry (below), to two of my favorite refugee families. Terry works at the North American Mission Board, our sending agency.In one home, the mother of three girls brought out crocheted doilies to show us. She escaped from Darfur in Sudan and fled to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. When preparing to come to America, she was told to leave her doilies behind. She didn't -- and I'm so glad! What BEAUTIFUL handiwork!

Terry brought bags of gifts generously donated by women at NAMB. New or nearly new warm hats and mufflers, clothing, and shoes were a huge hit with the children and their parents.
We had a Cinderella moment when this 3-year-old tried on a pair of pink sandals. She loves pink, and we were all hoping the shoes would fit.Oh, dear! Just a little too big. Never mind -- each girl was able to find at least one pair of good shoes. Yay!
I love taking visitors to meet my families. The joy spreads out in every direction as they get to know each other and spend time chatting. These opportunities give visitors a better insight into the needs -- both spiritual and physical -- of the refugees. And the refugees get to meet Americans who genuinely care about them. Winners both ways!
Terry is planning another trip to Clarkston soon, and I'm hoping she'll bring some of the women who gave of their time and money to help the families.

Matthew 25 in the Bible records an incident when Christ said, "I was a stranger, and you visited Me." His followers asked, "When were You a stranger, and when did we visit You?" He replied, "Whenever you do this (visit strangers), you do it to me."

So, come to Clarkston and let me show you around. You'll be blessed -- I promise!

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