Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas break -- baking and sewing

On the mission field, the lull between Christmas and New Year's Day offers rest, fun, and lots of visiting.

Tim baked 6 loaves of banana bread for our refugee friends. On New Year's Eve, we went from home to home, greeting families and delivering this yummy treat. Here are some members of a family that fled Burundi and lived many years in a refugee camp in Tanzania.
We took a loaf of banana bread to one of my favorite families -- a mom and dad with seven children. On this day, the mom had done laundry, which was spread out over the evergreen hedges to dry. We think we may have a used dryer for her. I hope that works out!

In the short time I've been in Atlanta, I've watched the oldest daughter transform into a lovely young woman.
(photo removed by request)

Her younger brothers and sisters are a squirmy, rowdy bunch. Trying to take a portrait of the oldest boy is a challenge. He did his best to push all obstacles (in the form of little brothers) out of the way!
(photo removed by request)

I was relieved to find the baby at home and smiling again. He had been in the hospital for almost a week with fever and dehydration. Propped in sister's lap, he was observing everything with his usual wide-eyed fascination. She was as giggly as always! (photo removed by request)

I did manage to get a portrait of sorts, though two children didn't make it into the shot.
(photo removed by request)

As we left, Tim and I remarked that we had no idea what became of the banana bread we took!

I have spent time preparing for the expansion of the sewing program God gave me. Three groups of women want sewing classes -- two sets of Bhutanese and one of Somalis. I also have several Burmese women who want to set up a loom and begin weaving. A Liberian woman is joining us on Monday to begin teaching crochet. Please pray for us!
I'm trying to sew a dress for an American Girls doll. I'm struggling just to thread the needle -- let alone sew those tiny seams!

I have been very excited about the box of fabrics, threads, lace, and other wonderful gifts from the Women on Missions group at First Baptist Church Camdenton in Missouri. Wow! We'll be able to create a lot of things out of that beautiful cloth! Thank you!
As we "sew up" 2008, Tim and I want to thank all our supporters for your prayers, volunteering, and financial donations.

Happy New Year 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cathy and Tim for all you are doing! You are wonderful ambassadors for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We will continue to pray for your work and for those who you invest your lives in. We know it is difficult, considering their religious heritage, to break through and bring someone to faith in Jesus. My prayer is for the Holy Spirit to open many doors or that opportunity in 2009. May God continue to bless your significant ministry!

Tim Yarbrough