Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Miracles!

I've learned something -- finally.

When I worry, fret, and try to micromanage my life, I make it hard for the Holy Spirit to work. When I let go, admit my weakness, and surrender, God does amazing things. I figured out early that I had no control over The Refugee Sewing Society. God was going to do what He wanted, and I was going to sit back and be amazed.This week, our missions supervisor, Tim Cummins (above), bought us TWO new sewing machines. Kelly and I were thrilled! Tim had already given us two machines when we first got started. Take a look at these brand new beauties! If you haven't met Tim, director of Whirlwind Missions, you're missing out. He and I grew up in Kenya together. Our parents were friends and they worked together often. It's hard to believe that Tim and I now minister together in much the same way our parents did. Check out his website at

Just when I thought things couldn't get any better . . . another miracle! We needed yarn for our crochet group. I tried to take care of it myself -- of course. I went to Michael's and bought several skeins of expensive yarn. It was obvious I couldn't keep up with the demand. Then our Realtor called. He was clearing out a building and found THREE huge sacks of yarn. Did I want it? You betcha! The bags filled the back of my trunk, just as the free fabric had a couple of weeks before. When I opened up the bags in the sewing room, I was amazed at God's bounty.Next I cleared a shelf and organized the yarn. It filled up an entire shelf -- with barely enough room to squeeze in the last few skeins. Is that a beautiful sight or what? Thank you, Lord!I had yet another surprise on Friday. Kelly called to say the sewing room was full of Bhutanese women. What were they doing? Sewing, of course! I dropped by to see what was happening.There were NINE women in our little room, SIX of whom I'd never met. One of my students was acting as "teacher," racing from machine to machine in an effort to keep up with all the questions and needs. Please pray that we can find time -- and room! -- to welcome these new women into The Refugee Sewing Society.

But something else this week touched my heart the most. I'll begin at the beginning. One of our Bhutanese students has had a hard time learning to sew. Things always go wrong. Her thread gets knotted and tangled, she uses embroidery settings to sew seams, her bag handles are twisted and backwards. Things like that. I sensed her discouragement despite her smiles. Then last Monday, she picked up a crochet hook for the first time.This sweet woman is on fire! I can't get her to stop crocheting and return to the sewing machine. I'll admit I thought her first effort was pretty ratty looking, and I was afraid she would have trouble with this, too. But when I dropped by on Friday, she was standing, head bent, eyes focused, and crochet hook flying!
She is making a cap for a baby. I'm so proud of her that it's all I can do to keep from giving her a big hug -- which would probably scare her away for sure!

We're having our first "market day" on Saturday, February 7, starting at 11:30. All the women will be offering their handiwork for sale at Clarkston Community Center. A church in South Carolina is sending 45 people our way. We hope the whole "village" will turn out. And you're invited, too!

Please pray for us as we work hard to get our products ready for this first big event. Thank the Lord for His bounteous blessings. Ask Him to help me let go! And praise him for 2 new sewing machines, 3 sacks of yarn, 6 new students, and 1 precious lady who is crocheting up a storm!


Anonymous said...

Bwana Asifiwe! Ninafurahi kwa wewe!
Mungu Akubariki .

Miss Hope said...

What a blessing I receive every time I come here to visit.