Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's up? Miracles!

Little Ferdinand from Burundi best expresses how I have felt this week. Huh? What's going on? Are you serious? This has been a week of amazing wonders from God.

The Refugee Sewing Society has a new instructor! The Lord sent us Leona from Liberia. She's going to teach a crochet class on Monday mornings. We're so grateful for her participation.Our sewing class won't officially start until next Monday, but 3 women came to sew this week. One of them brought some of her crochet work. She created this beautiful piece in her refugee camp in Nepal. We were astounded by the intricate craftwork in this piece. If you look closely, you'll see that these are actually crocheted "shells" in 3-D!Our Bhutanese friend crocheted the doily with the thinnest yarn I've ever seen. Over the Christmas break, she took some American yarn and worked up a smaller version of the same pattern. As you can see, it's still pretty but our big, fat yarn doesn't crochet quite as well. She would prefer the thinner yarn. We're going to look for a source. Others in the class continued to work on their ongoing projects.
Some completed work they had started before the break. Great patchwork!I always thank the Lord for sending Kelly. She's wonderful with the women (and the children). At sewing class, she is especially talented at working the automatic threading function on the machines. Good thing -- because I'm almost too blind to see the hole in the needle!A major miracle happened when Kelly and I went to the low-cost fabric store in town on Monday afternoon. It was closed for inventory, and we were very disappointed. We popped into the Dollar Tree next door and did a little shopping. When we came out, there was a semi parked in front of the fabric store -- loading wads of crumpled cloth to take away for reprocessing. The owner of the store was so kind, and he gave us two boxes (the size of major appliances!) of free fabric. We literally filled my car to the gills.Kelly and I had just purchased a metal shelf to store fabrics, so the next day we set that up and began to fold. One of our students and her husband dropped in, and they began to fold, too. Also we had help from another Mission Year volunteer, Kathryn. You can see the joy on our faces as we arranged our bounty!Finally, Kelly and I had time on Tuesday afternoon to go visiting our families and setting up our schedule for the coming months. Kids were busy with homework.Or dinner! These girls and their mom just came from a refugee camp where they had no table or chairs. This is the African way of dining, and with a big plastic cloth on the floor, it makes perfect sense.Please pray for Kelly and me as we swing into gear. We would both love to work full time, but finances are tight. Right now, we can only manage two days a week for this ministry. If God is calling you to join His work in Atlanta, you can make tax-deductible donations on the address to the right.

And think about coming for a visit! We'd love to show you around. You'll see miracles that will make you tremble.

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