Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Somali refugee can-opening trick! And other fun stuff . . .

How to open a can: Somali-style

1. Put can on floor between your feet.
2. Insert sharp knife into can lid.
3. Use sawing motion to open can.


(photo removed by request)

Today was such a fun day! Even though I am struggling with a bad cold and some very heavy burdens, I rejoiced to spend time with my refugee friends.

Our little baby boy is growing up fast. He was born ten months ago. Now he can stand on his own and totter a couple of steps . . .
But only in the direction of mama!
My dear friend always has new arrivals at her house. I think she is the self-designated Somali welcome wagon. Today this beautiful young girl and her family were visiting. They arrived 5 days ago from Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya.
What a blast it was to watch my friend and her husband having fun together. When I got out my camera, she ordered him to sit down for a formal picture. He was being a little shy. She never is!
(photo removed by request)

How's this for a pretty pose?
(photo removed by request)

Yeah, now that's just right! I really love these two. Married at 15, they're the parents of seven kids. Please pray for them.
(photo removed by request)

As I was leaving, I remembered that I had a basket of goodies from Holly Springs Baptist Church, our partner in South Carolina. My friend -- as always -- was thrilled to get the gifts and very grateful.
(photo removed by request)

I spent many hours today helping my family of 10 from Burundi. They had let their Food Stamps expire and were out of every fresh fruit and vegetable, as well as eggs and milk. For the second time this month, I ran to the store and bought some food to tide them over. We worked on getting their Food Stamp card reactivated, making sure they had Medicaid, and talking about how to get jobs for the father and oldest son.
Poor Imani (Faith) had been sick the night before with a temperature of 103. I was glad they used the thermometer I gave them, but they didn't understand the difference between "doctor" and "hospital." In their refugee camp, it's the same thing. You can't go to the doctor without going to the hospital. I had told them that if the temp ever got to 103 or over, they should go to the hospital. Since this happened at night, they (thinking I meant the doctor's office) were sure it would be closed! I was glad to hear that her temp was down to 98 this morning.

Thank you for your prayers for these families. We appreciate your prayers, your generous donations, and the time many of you give as volunteers. May God bless you!

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