Monday, March 16, 2009

Sewing Ladies

I didn't take many pictures today. Too busy re-threading jammed sewing machines, teaching the meanings of "inches" and "yards," explaining the concept of "matching" and "coordinating" fabrics, sorting yarn, organizing files . . . and on and on!

These ladies, below, are in my morning sewing class. Rain was pouring outside today, so our numbers were down. That was fine. We needed time to regroup and focus on our ministry. Small groups make relationship-building easier. I really love these women!
One example of their kindness occurred today as we were cleaning up the room in preparation for the afternoon class. I mentioned that the floor need to be cleaned -- scraps of fabric, loose threads, cookie crumbs, etc. Buddha immediately grabbed the broom and started sweeping. I kept trying to help, but she always said, "Ma'am, please no. Let me do this."
She swept our room thoroughly, and that gift meant so much to me. Thank you, Buddha!

The other volunteers and I ask for your prayers as we search for ways to market the beautiful items our women are making. I am so grateful for everyone who supports The Refugee Sewing Society -- and that includes you!

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