Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Can you say, "I'm cutting potatoes?"

What a terrific Tuesday! Kelly and I began the day with a visit to our friend from Burundi. While she worked to prepare lunch, I practiced ESL with her. It's tempting to pronounce words the way they're written: po-tay-toes. But I worked with Eveline on good ol' southern: puh-tay-duhs.

She was babysitting her own daughter and a neighbor's son.
Are these the cutest kids you've ever seen? I think so, too! While Eveline and I worked on conversational English, Kelly was making burritos . . . kiddie burritos!
I noticed Eveline's attention wandering and a smile creeping over her face. When I looked to see what she was chuckling about, I saw Kelly rolling the kids up in blankets! They were having a major giggle-fest. Here's Simon the Burrito!
In the kitchen, we continued to work on ESL. "I'm washing the potatoes."
"I'm cooking beans." I was really excited when Everine began to try some sentences on her own. "I have a knife." "I have a bowl." YAY!
Our next visit was the home of one of our Bhutanese students. Her baby is about a month old now. What a cutie pie! We took some baby clothes that had been donated, and some beads for our friend to make into a Bhutanese wedding necklace.
Our third visit was in the home of our Sudanese friends. Her baby is due this month! I knew she was worried, because she didn't have ANYTHING ready for the baby -- no crib, carseat, stroller, clothes, diapers . . . We gave her a basket of items for her home that had been donated by our partners at Holly Springs Baptist Church in South Carolina.

Then we all headed over to World Relief, the resettlement agency that brought her to America. I was thrilled when I called earlier in the day, because they said they had a BUNCH of baby furniture and clothing, and she could take whatever she needed. I drove our friend, Kelly and Ruthie over to World Relief, and we got her completely outfitted for the baby.

Her husband was waiting for us back at their apartment. They insisted on putting out fufu and stew, traditional Sudanese food. We each got a spoon, and we all ate from the same bowl. Fun!

Just when you think life couldn't get any better, along comes fufu! We all enjoyed visiting and discussing our different cultures and religions.
Please keep us and all our refugee friends in your prayers!

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