Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lotsa love . . .

My friend Amy said, "You must be doing something right!" That was her assessment of the incredible enemy artillery fire I've been under this past week. If I were sitting around twiddling my thumbs, she was explaining, then Satan wouldn't be targeting me all the time. Interesting.

But God is always victorious. In the midst of too many burdens to count, He blessed me with some incredible joy. Yeah -- I'm a grandma! A refugee grandma, that is. This past Thursday, one of my beloved women gave birth to her first child, a beautiful son.

Friday was another day of joy as women arrived for beading class. They filled up two tables. I'm guessing close to 15 showed up in their knit caps, sweaters, saris, and bead necklaces.
Thank goodness Amy had left us with a good supply of snacks. It's usually hard to get the women to leave their beading for even a few minutes. But Friday, I saw them all make a sudden dash for the refreshment table.
This sweet lady was thrilled with her goodies!
As always, I was so grateful for Man Bista (center, below) who gracefully conducted both classes. She is learning more about American tastes and styles from beading books and discussions we've had.
A favorite time for me and the women is when they reveal the necklaces they've made. Wow -- so pretty!
Please pray that I'll get some relief from stress this week. I feel like I'm on the brink of exhaustion. Pray for our precious women and their families. Pray also that all the work we're doing to build markets for the products these women have made will come to fruition. Thank you for your faithful support in reading the blog, writing to me, and praying for us.

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