Friday, March 27, 2009


Poor Tessie's expression of bewilderment echoes what we're all feeling. We are moving -- again. This will be the Palmer family's fourth and fifth moves in the past eleven months.
We began our mission work at Huntington Ridge in Norcross. The gunfire outside our windows and the thief climbing up our balcony were both just a little too scary for an author with an overactive imagination. So we moved closer to the refugees in Clarkston. We also moved Andrei into an apartment with another man who has similar life challenges.A few months ago, we found an affordable house nearby -- but it needed LOTS of work. We hired several crews and they did a wonderful job. Now we're moving out of our apartment . . .And into our new home. Andrei is also moving. He'll be staying in our former apartment until our lease runs out. Then we'll move him -- again! -- into a studio apartment in the same complex. With boxes in the living room, books on the bed, and empty shelves, we are all feeling disoriented and exhausted. Tomorrow friends from our church will arrive in the rain to help us move. One joy we've been experiencing is the little flower garden Tim planted in the fall. It's just outside our door.The little bed was in the shade, and people kept stepping on the pansies and the emerging bulbs. But finally last week one of the pansies pushed up this beautiful yellow blossom.
And how about this gorgeous tulip?
Spring is here, and we are very excited! We're so grateful for abundant blessings -- warm places to live, food to eat, friends to love, and beauty outside.

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