Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Fort Benning

We were giving -- and GETTING -- whole lotta love on Saturday, February 14. We drove more than two hours south from Atlanta to Fort Benning.For several years now, we've been giving away copies of my book The Loved One. It's about a mom whose son one day announces that God has called him to enlist in the Army -- instead of accepting a full scholarship to Yale. You can probably guess her response.
I co-authored the book with my dear friend, Peggy Stoks. While writing it, I worked through my understanding of patriotism and sacrifice.
I'm always deeply moved by the people we meet at our military bases. We see retired couples whose service dates back to the Korean War and the Vietnam War. And we see strong young men who are leading our troops with great courage today.
We see people of many races and nations. This weekend we met soldiers from Peru and Colombia. Loving couples strolled through the PX arm-in-arm. Beautiful!
I hear so many fascinating stories from these special men and women. It makes me proud of the United States and her role in protecting freedom. A mother's eyes fill with tears as she talks about her son, and I sense her struggle to accept the mixture of pride and fear that fills her heart.

Let's keep praying for our servicemen and women -- and their families.

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Miss Hope said...

I will always be grateful that God has let me be the wife of a USNAVY Submariner. I discovered within my self a love of country that I never knew was there. It makes me almost burst at times. Especially when I'm on base in the morning during Colors. To hear our anthem echo out over the base as we stop where we are and turn to the music while placing our hands over our hearts.......God Bless America.