Friday, February 13, 2009

Beading begins . . .

Beading began with a bang today. I had sent word about the new class through the Somali and Bhutanese grapevine, but I didn't know how many women might show up.You guessed it! Women came pouring into Clarkston Community Center. The teacher had planned for six students. She created neat tool kits, labeled bags, and beads.

Within a few minutes, her class list grew to nine and spilled over. Our teacher proved her spunk by immediately agreeing to start an afternoon class. That one, too, filled up fast. Now we have yet another waiting list at The Refugee Sewing Society.

I loved watching our new teacher explain beading. It's hard enough when the women aren't looking at you because they're so focused on their work. Try catching their attention when you're speaking in English and they all speak Nepali or Somali!
The intense concentration of these women thrilled me. I can already tell the beading classes are going to be richly blessed by God.The women learned how to work with two kinds of pliers.
By the end of class, each woman had created several sets of lovely earrings.
Meanwhile back in the sewing room, Dhaka and several other women arrived to make market bags. We're increasing the size, so things are a bit confusing. I love the way our women comfortably use the floor for measuring and cutting.I had gone to our discount fabric store earlier in the week and purchased a bunch of new fabric. Tim Cummins with the North American Mission Board reimbursed that big expense. Thank you to everyone who contributes to Whirlwind Missions!I came home with my new fabric to discover that the Women On Mission group at First Baptist Church Camdenton Missouri had sent us THREE big boxes of fabric! Wow -- that was big excitement for me. Thanks so much, ladies!

God continues to surprise and amaze us. We are so grateful for new teachers like Ruthie North and Shirley Thomas. We're blessed with volunteers like Margaret, Amy, and Crystie. We're thankful for wonderful partners like the North American Mission Board, Whirlwind Missions, Intown Community Church, Clarkston Community Center, and many others. We couldn't do this without you! May God bless you.

And we love YOU, our readers and supporters, for sending fabric, yarn, and beads!

Speaking of love . . .Andrei baked this gorgeous brownie heart for me for Valentine's Day. Tim presented it along with a beautiful rose from him.
The heart is covered with chocolate, pink and white icing and studded with chocolate kisses. Wow . . . I think I'll go have a slice right now!

Love to all of you from all the Palmers!

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Among Worlds said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you, Cathy! It is so exciting to see what you are accomplishing with your "five loaves & three fishes" faith and love!

Love you!