Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, ye of little faith!

On Tuesday, Kelly and I drove around visiting all our families. We have moms with new babies, women about to become moms, and people with needs too many to count.

Toward the end of the afternoon, feeling pretty exhausted, we went over to the sewing room to straighten up.Crowds of women, shelves of fabric, bins of yarn, boxes with files -- it can get pretty crazy in there! As we worked, we discussed the new sessions we'll be starting on Monday. Kelly is going to run our yarn circle.

Big problem -- the yarn bin was almost empty. She wants to begin by asking the women to make baby blankets. I told her we would have to go buy yarn in "baby" colors, and that was going to cost a bundle.
Meanwhile, the Women on Missions group at our partner church, First Baptist of Camdenton, Missouri, had recently sent us three boxes. I told Kelly that Mary Lou and Dori had called to tell me they were sending these boxes filled with cotton fabric already pre-cut into squares for our patchwork projects.
I showed Kelly the first box, and sure enough, there were the patches. My heart filled with gratitude toward those precious women.

Then I opened the next box. Not fabric but . . . YARN!
And most of it was . . . you guessed it . . . "baby" colors!
Weeks ago, before we knew what we would be doing on February 24th, and before we knew what we would need for our next classes, God was already at work. Providing for our needs -- that's what He does best.

As Mission Service Corps volunteers, Tim and I raise our own support. Or I should say -- our Father provides it. We laughed when we heard a speaker talk about MSC last week. He said, "Other missionaries are paid for being good. We are good for nothing."

Just when doubts and fears about the future begin to get the better of me, the Lord reminds me that He called His name Jehovah Jireh -- God provides. And He sure does!

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