Sunday, July 27, 2008

To Congo, Burundi and Peru in one day!

The day began with gunshots.

Andrei heard the commotion right outside his window at about 6 am this Sunday morning. The neighbors confirmed the incident. We continue to ask for your prayers for protection.

Where could the day go but up? And up it went! We headed off to church where we worshiped with friends from many countries. We heard and sang hymns in the languages of Liberia, Congo, Sudan, Burundi, and Burma. A whole group of Karen Christians sang. After church, I visited this new little American and her Sudanese family. Have you ever seen such beautiful brown velvet skin?
We took our Burundian friend and her four children home. They had walked to church, but with a baby, twins, and a son all under age five, she needed a helping hand. Andrei enjoyed cuddling the little girl.
As we drove home, we saw that a big fiesta was underway in the parking lot beside our complex. The Fiesta Popular Peruana -- still going strong as I write -- celebrates the independence of Peru.Tents protect people from the fierce July sun.
Booths are set up around the parking lot.Handcrafted Peruvian dolls, flutes, bags and other trinkets are for sale.The food is aromatic and delicious! This woman was wearing her traditional Peruvian hat. Notice her "stars and stripes" bag. She has bridged two worlds.
This young lady looked all of 15. She was really belting out the songs.
As we walked away, we passed this woman. What amazing hair!
And what an amazing day...

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