Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just in from Africa!

Today, Terry Earl and I visited a Burundian family who arrived in the United States just a few short weeks ago. For three months, they will live under the watch-care of a refugee resettlement agency. For now, they have an apartment and food to eat.

But what happens next?
These young parents have three children -- including a baby. Mom speaks no English. Dad speaks very little. He will attend ESL classes and then try to get a job. But she needs to stay home with her children.
The auntie (mom's sister) also lives with this family. The women were happy to learn that Overflow Ministries may be able to come into the home and teach ESL, literacy, and life skills.

How would you feel if you woke up one morning inside a hut in a refugee camp in Tanzania? What if you spoke no Swahili, had neither a job nor a car, and didn't know how to keep your home clean and safe?

Though America is the land of opportunity, our newest refugees enter with a sense of hope mingled with trepidation. Jesus commanded His followers to welcome aliens and other foreigners -- for when we help "the least of these," we're helping Him.

Let's get busy!

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