Monday, August 3, 2009

Wedding Belles

What a gorgeous wedding I attended on Saturday afternoon. The evening reception was just as lush and beautiful. Our dear friends, Sharon and Rich, were giving their sweet daughter into the arms of a truly wonderful young man.
I was sad Tim couldn't be with me as every aspect of the celebration honored Jesus Christ and the solid foundation He can provide for a new marriage. After 32 years, Tim and I can certainly affirm that.

Our friends held the reception under three large white tents. So lovely!
One of my favorite people -- also a favorite of the ladies in The Refugee Sewing Society -- Lucia was at the wedding! She always keeps me laughing . . . and inspired.
Flowers in shades of purple, yellow, and orange graced every table.
The cake was yummy -- of course!
I loved spending time with old friends and meeting new ones. As the reception party ended, everyone celebrated with the band's rousing performance of "Brown-eyed Girl."
Jay spent a year teaching school in Africa. Lindsay also taught in Africa one summer. Graduates of Wheaton College, they are not only beautiful young people, but they have a heart for sharing the grace of Jesus with the world. I can hardly wait to watch what God is going to do through this new husband and wife team. May He bless you richly, Jay and Lindsay!
An extra gift for me was spending time with Sharon's college roommates, The Belles. These seven women have been close-knit friends for many years, and they always celebrate joys and mourn losses together. Kay was my roomie for Saturday night. She's a beautiful woman with a warm and loving heart. I'm so grateful to know her.
With only one Belle unable to attend wedding, the remaining six spent a rousing time telling stories and laughing about their shared memories.
My heart was full to overflowing as I returned home to my own best friend . . . my husband Tim.

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dferg said...

Love reliving that magical day. Thanks for the beautiful photos and your keen commentary.
I enjoyed getting to visit with you
the following day.
deb ferguson