Monday, August 3, 2009

Gearing up!

The Refugee Sewing Society is getting ready for an exciting new session! We're going to be sewing 300 tote bags and making cloth diapers -- among many other projects. An important step was learning to use our new sergers. Sandy, from A-1 Sewing in Atlanta, taught us the ropes . . . er, threads?
I was thanking the Lord for Sharon, who attended the lesson with me. She caught on fast -- a good thing because her diaper group will be using the sergers a lot.This little machine looks small and cute. Don't let that fool you. With four spools of thread, four needles, and a fabric cutter, the thing is a monster! Once we tame it, we'll be able to really enjoy what it can accomplish for our women.
I have been refining our diaper prototype. We hope to sell these diapers to refugee women as an alternative to disposables. Our diapers will cost a bit more up front, but they will save the moms SO much money in the long run. Putting elastic in the leg openings is a bit of a challenge, I discovered. Our advanced sewing group will also need to remember to cut corners. In sewing, that's a good thing!Please pray for all the volunteers and the women who will attend classes of The Refugee Sewing Society this fall. Thank you so much for supporting us!

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