Monday, August 3, 2009

Family time

My father and stepmother surprised us with a visit last week. Earlier, they had canceled a trip here due to family illness. But they were able to come after all, and we were so happy to see them. Dad is healthy and strong -- and as inquisitive as ever. He wanted to see Atlanta's sights, so we visited the Dekalb Farmer's Market, the Atlanta Zoo, and the history museum. At the museum, dad photographed and filmed everything that interested him. The old car and fire engine were amazing to study.I enjoyed a display about the work of architect Leila Ross Wilburn. We used to live on a street in Missouri lined with homes like the ones she designed.I used to say the houses looked like they'd been built by the seven dwarfs. Interesting to discover that a woman was a successful architect in the early years of the twentieth century!I was also interested in this booklet about the Baptist Home Mission Board -- now known as the North American Mission Board. My husband and I serve under this agency, which has a long and fruitful history.Though my dad and Phyllis extended their stay for a few extra days, there is never enough time to do all the talking and sharing I long for. We had a late Father's Day celebration for my father. The whole family went to Vikhyat for delicious Indian food. Then we returned to our house to celebrate with one of Andrei's cakes. I gave my dad a book about the early days of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), where our family lived for three years when I was very young. I'm so grateful God has allowed my father to live such a long and productive life. I pray he will enjoy many more years of good health and happiness. He's my greatest earthly role model, and I love him so dearly.

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Marilyn Crabtree said...

Your dad and Phyllis are very special friends to us. I always enjoy talking to them on the phone and catching up on you, Tim and your boys. I always wonder about you when I see you have gone a long time without posting a blog so I call them to make sure you are okay. Love reading about your ministry and pray for many lives to be touched by God through you.