Monday, August 10, 2009

Friends at my door!

I was surprised to look up from my work in our sewing room to find 9 women gathered outside the door! The Refugee Sewing Society fall session wasn't to start until August 11. The women were a full week early.They weren't sure of the registration date, they told me, and they didn't want to miss out on a single day of class. The women wrote down the correct information along with my phone number. I'm expecting a call soon. My refugee friends love to call me up and say, "Hello teacher, I want to greet you!"Friends come in many forms. Our beloved Border Collie, Tessie, has made her first feline buddy. The two cats we had in Missouri were a little stand-offish. But this lovely cat -- dressed in black and white like Tessie -- enjoys the company .The two friends like to nuzzle each other. What more could you ask of a friend?Andrei was sad to learn that his friends from the restaurant where he has worked all summer would be leaving for school. He decided to bake them one of his spectacular cakes. This one is a Peterbilt semi.Awesome work, Andrei! I understand the cake was a big hit with the whole restaurant staff.
Sometimes a dad can be your best friend. This past weekend, Andrei and Tim went to a water park. Looks like dad was having more fun under the water-dump bucket than Andrei! The best part of my week was a visit from my dearest friend, Janice. We grew up in Kenya together, and we love each other deeply. Not only did we talk till all hours each night, but we found time to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant and the DeKalb farmer's market, watch a couple of movies, and totally clean and organize the sewing room.

I'm so grateful for friends of every kind. What would life be without them?

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Liz said...

Hello, I enjoyed reading about your work on the blog. I sent you an email, at your email address on the blog, as I would love to talk to you when you have time to learn more about what is going on there. Thanks!